ChatGPT to Markdown – a Bookmarklet to Export Chats
ChatGPT to Markdown – a Bookmarklet to Export Chats

Angled View LGBTQ Scrabble Letters Over Pride FlagHave you ever had a valuable dialog with ChatGPT and wished you could possibly reserve it for future reference? Look no further! With the ChatGPT to Markdown bookmarklet, you can export your ChatGPT conversations as markdown files with just a few clicks. Markdown is a lightweight markup language that lets you format text easily and effectively. It's extensively used for creating documentation, writing blog posts, and even taking notes. By exporting ChatGPT conversations as markdown files, you possibly can preserve the structure and formatting of the chat, making it easier to read and share. Using the ChatGPT to Markdown bookmarklet is easy. Alternatively, you may compile the JavaScript code your self, it is offered on the ChatGPT Export GitHub page. Open the ChatGPT interface or any web page the place you possibly can interact with ChatGPT. Open an present chat or start a brand new chat and have a conversation with ChatGPT as you normally would. Ask questions, provide prompts, or talk about matters. When you're accomplished with the conversation and want to save it as a markdown file, click the ChatGPT to Markdown" bookmarklet from your bookmarks toolbar. In FireFox this can download the file with the title of the chat as its name. That's it! You've efficiently exported your ChatGPT dialog as a markdown file. The ChatGPT to Markdown bookmarklet gives a handy strategy to export your ChatGPT conversations as markdown files. By preserving the construction and formatting of the chat, you may simply refer back to your conversations and share them with others. Give it a strive and begin archiving your precious ChatGPT interactions!

When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Here’s how it works. Bing has been turbocharged with an injection of OpenAI's ChatGPT know-how, reworking Microsoft's search engine into something capable of carrying on a conversation. The information was introduced at a Microsoft ChatGPT occasion in February 2023 the place company execs confirmed that OpenAI's next-degree chatbot tech can be built-in into both Bing and Microsoft's web browser Edge. This comes after Microsoft invested billions in OpenAI to try to problem the search dominance of Google, which has now launched its own Google Bard AI chatbot within the testing section. There's also a paid model of ChatGPT known as ChatGPT Plus, so the AI chatbot race is basically heating up. This may very well be the start of a new era of looking out the web, one by which you inform your search engine what you need in a much more pure and intuitive manner. I've been utilizing Microsoft's new Bing with ChatGPT, and after exploring it for a while I'm able to stroll you thru the means of how to make use of Bing with ChatGPT to full effect.

Also, ensure to take a look at our information on 9 helpful issues Bing with ChatGPT can do for you to get probably the most out of the chatbot. But beware, Microsoft Edge is sending all your visited pages to Bing - here's how to show it off in case you'd rather it didn't. While you can entry Bing from any browser, right now the only way to entry the new Bing with ChatGPT functionality through a web browser is to open it in Microsoft's Edge browser. It will also be used within the Bing app and the cell app version of the edge internet browser. However, this could possibly be altering quickly. A recent remark from Microsoft’s head of Advertising and Web Services, Mikhail Parakhin, means that a giant June update might deliver Bing Chat to Chrome, Firefox and different third-party browsers. That's excellent news for these of us who prefer not to make use of Edge. If you would like an excellent faster way to access Bing Chat although, you can now add the Bing Chat AI widget to your cellphone's homescreen.

The widget lets you search Bing or use the AI chat expertise instantly by both contact or voice. Any interactions you could have by means of the widget by synced throughout each desktop and mobile. And you not want to join the Bing waitlist to use Bing with ChatGPT. Microsoft has moved the chatbot into an open preview in addition to announcing a ton of latest upgrades. Because of this anybody with a Microsoft account can now use the brand new Bing with ChatGPT. When you start using Bing with ChatGPT you may quickly discover the distinction because you may start getting your search results in a extra conversational tone, as an alternative of simply an inventory of hyperlinks. You'll be able to watch as Bing parses your questions and looks for answers, and you can help refine your search by telling Bing what you think of its outcomes. Here, I'll present you ways to make use of Bing with ChatGPT by strolling you thru the search process and a few widespread follow-up decisions.

Note that Microsoft is imposing limits on Bing so as to prevent disturbing conduct many users have noticed. These embrace limits to your chats per session and chats per day to forestall long chat classes from occurring. The newest limits are 30 chats per session and 300 chats per day. 2. In case you have access to the brand new Bing with ChatGPT you must see a chat window seem along with your question phrased as the opening line. If you do not, you could must click on Chat at the highest of the screen to change Bing into Chat mode. Once you do you will see how Bing has parsed your question, and you'll be able to watch because it writes you an answer stay. If you happen to get bored with it, you can hit "Stop responding" to inform it to cease. At the bottom you will see footnoted references to the place the bot is pulling the info from, and after it is accomplished writing you'll see pattern responses listed.


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