How to use ChatGPT to Jot down Excel Formulas
How to use ChatGPT to Jot down Excel Formulas

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In the example beneath, I corrected the formulation to reflect the right cell, F3, that must be included within the calculation of the sales tax. You can see the system from ChatGPT highlighted on the left, with the consequence within the cell on the right. I'll finish adding the formulation I must my spreadsheet, starting with the fee calculation, by asking ChatGPT to "Create a system to calculate 10% fee on the monetary total in cell F3". Once I add my fee method, I can move on to the following two columns to calculate the total and the leftover inventory to finish the table. It's time to populate the remainder of your spreadsheet together with your shiny new formulas. To do that, place your cursor on the decrease-proper corner of the cell with the method, and click on and drag your cursor over the remainder of the cells you need the formulation in.


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